Why Resilience Matters

A Changing World

The traditional method of energy management could be at risk as we move forward in this changing world. As the regional grids age and demand grows, operational outages are more likely to occur which can reduce reduce business downtime; which means less money in your pocket. In more extreme circumstances, natural disasters are occurring in higher intensity all across the globe. This can have massive impacts on entire communities rendering critical services such as fire and police stations, hospitals, and grocery stores unusable. Moving forward, forced outages on a large scale are something we should be prepared for.

But there is a different way to manage your energy. At Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions, we use our menagerie of experts in policy, technology, and engagement to put energy management into the client's hands. We look at every project uniquely and with a triple-bottom-line lens. We strive to avoid these risks so as to protect you from economic loss and damage to your community's human health all while contributing to a sustainable future.

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