Prefeasibility Studies

During the early stages of a project, Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions can provide you and your stakeholders the information you need to green light a smart energy or microgrid solution on your site.

Feasibility Studies

We will assess, in depth, the practicality and the means for implementation of your proposed project through a triple-bottom-line lens. 

Integration Management

At Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions, we understand that many smart energy and microgrid projects require a blend of different resources. We will oversee that process and ensure the system is properly operating.

Stakeholder Engagement

When investing in energy management for your campus or community, you and your team are not the only ones impacted. Your neighbors and other stakeholders need to be educated and invited to contribute to the project. Integrated Energy & Microgird Solutions will help you through the process for maximum buy-in. 

Customer Engagement

Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions specializes in customer engagement. We know it is important that everyone is on the same page during the transition to new energy management. We will loop in the customer and keep them engaged before, during, and after the project.

Energy Consulting

At the heart of our work, Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions understands energy needs and uses. We can help you with any microgrid and smart energy questions you may have.

Project Assessment

Once your project is completed, we will help you assess performance. This is often required for certifications and is a necessary step for any building process.

Strategic Planning

Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions understands that these solutions may need to be implemented in phases or over time. We will help you figure out the best way to optimize your present and future to find the best solution.

Market & Financial Analysis - Pro Forma

We will help you understand the financial environment you are working and what will need to be done.