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About Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions

Energy Management


Each project requires a different method to maximize its energy and microgrid potential. We look at each project individually and create a solution based on your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you're a campus, community, or real estate development - we can solve your energy management needs safely, affordably, and sustainably. energy consulting

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Collaborative Services


Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions relies on transdisciplinary and collaborative methods to create unique strategic plans for each project. With expertise from a variety of fields, we provide solutions that will cover all bases.

A Sustainable Future


We believe that, together, we can achieve a sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come. Our mission is passionately triple-bottom-line focused, meaning, you will be provided with a holistically sustainable solution starting with  planning through execution.


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Integrated Energy & Microgrid Solutions

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